All About Me

Where it all began to now

The first time my grandfather bought me a typewriter, I was four years old. I remember getting a newspaper article and retyping it. When I retyped that article, something in that article caught my interest, and I began reading it. (Yes, at four, I could read quite well. LOL).

Fast forward to elementary school, I started writing poetry for my friends, just for greeting cards for their parents, or sometimes for school projects. This carried over to junior high, where, by then, I was writing full-length letters, expressing my feelings for someone else's girlfriend or boyfriend. 

English was always my favorite subject, but when it came to writing, I excelled. My imagination went into overdrive when a topic was given that was of interest, and we were allowed to create our own opinion. Now... and this is going to be the funny part. By the time I graduated high school, I didn't want to read or write anything, unless it was for school.

In my early twenties, my best friend was reading Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah, and when I took the book from her, from the first line, I was hooked. That started my interest with urban fiction. My love for reading urban fiction turned into my passion for writing it. I started a manuscript, and even reached out to a well-known publisher March of 2013, who also happened to be one of my favorite authors at the time, to ask him advice on becoming an author. His response was 'Just study the industry and continue to write.' I continued, but I never felt I was good enough.

September 2014, I was contacted by an author that was getting ready to start a publishing company, and having read her books before and reaching out to her regarding the numerous errors remaining, I offered to edit her books. This in turn resulted in her offering me an editing position with her company. Now... let me tell you. Spotting errors in a book and actually editing is two totally different things. I took the position with her, which resulted in another position with a bigger company, which then resulted in two even bigger companies, one of which was the same publisher I reached out to regarding writing. 

Over the years, I studied my craft, perfecting it along the way. In June 2016, I started my own editing company, Touch of Class Publishing Services LLC, where I began hiring editors and proofreaders to assist with the editing tasks. Something was still missing.

I still had this desire deep down to write. I couldn't let go of it. That one manuscript, still unfinished and unpublished, resulted in six unfinished manuscripts on my computer. Fast forward to September 2017, I was offered the opportunity to write a shorty story in an anthology dealing with the sensitive subject of domestic violence, in which I told my own story, using the name Sparkle Lewis. The response from that short story resulted in me writing my first full manuscript entitled They Can't Stop Me: Return of a Savage. By the end of 2018, I had four published novels, two short stories in anthologies, and one novella entitled Silence.  Silence was my turning point and broke me... My story... my truth... unfiltered... It was also the end for Sparkle Lewis. I had to reconnect with Latisha...

As a wife, mother of four, an editor, and battling Lupus, high blood pressure, severe depression, and other health issues, it is often hard to find the time to write, yet writing is my escape from my reality... the reality I've lived... the reality those around me have lived... the reality I never want my children to experience. Everything I write is a piece of me. Through my writing, I give each of my readers a glimpse into my world, a glimpse into my life, my mind, and my heart.

Welcome... and enjoy the ride!