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The drama continues in part 2 when more secrets are revealed, and the couple can’t seem to catch a break.

Someone is gunning for Yashawn, and though a reason has been presented to him, he is still unsure why. The beef has nothing to do with him at all… or so he thinks. There are some things that haven’t been mentioned to him, and even those in his circle aren’t as forthcoming with information. Add that to the stresses of Karisma being pregnant, Yashawn feels he’s suffocating and at the end of his rope.

The doctors gave Karisma, what she feels is a death sentence. It could not have come at a worse time. She is also battling inner demons within and feels her love for Yashawn is dwindling. She wants an immediate escape and decides this life is no longer for her. That is until a situation occurs, and Karisma has to make a choice between living life without the man she’s come to love or saving her family.

When everything comes to the forefront, nothing appears to be what it seems. With all the lies, betrayal, and secrets, a strong unit has been torn apart. The division between everyone leaves vulnerability in their circle. Friendships are hanging on the line, lives are at stake, and secrets are continuously being revealed. In the end, will the choices, secrets, and betrayal be the end of Karisma and Yashawn? Find out in this finale of Karisma and Yashawn: A Chaotic Love Story

Release Date

June 5, 2019


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