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It's always been said that opposites attract, but what happens when you meet someone whose soul is so connected to yours it scares you to the point that you're willing to miss out on what could possibly be a real shot at love?

Naima "Finesse" Bridges wasn't dealt the best hand when it came to relationships. Having loved one man from her teen years into adulthood, she wasn't willing to let go of him so easily... until he made the choice for her. After doing the unthinkable for the second and last time, Naima decides to value herself more than her relationship and moves on. She begins working in a field that has been her passion since she was a child, and it ends up providing for the lifestyle she and her daughter have become accustomed to. She's sworn off men and vows not to entertain another man until he can commit to becoming her husband. Naima chokes on those words when she meets a man that is the total opposite of everything she's used to.

The last thing on Dewon "City" Greene's mind when he comes home is settling down with anything other than money. Having just served a six-year bid for putting his trust in the wrong female, he has his mind set on never trusting another one. His son and mother dying and him having to rely on his brother to make his dreams a reality placed all females in a 'good for one thing category.' But the heart wants what the heart wants, and as hard as he tries to fight it, City's is yearning for Finesse.


Release Date

July 1, 2019


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