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When Shalom ‘Sha’ Barron was sentenced to life in prison, the only thing he could not accept was leaving behind his most precious jewel—his sister, Talya. He entrusted her wellbeing, along with his business, to his closest friend and business partner, Savyvion ‘Say’ Mitchell. The only thing he forbade was for anyone in his crew to have a relationship with Talya. Sayvion disregarded his wish, one year after he was locked up. Not only did he disregard it, he crossed other lines when it came to Talya. Never once did he consider Shalom being released from prison.

New evidence is presented, and Shalom is a free man, with one goal on his mind: killing Sayvion. He goes on a warpath, combing the streets and eliminating those closest to Sayvion. Shalom is determined to bring him out of hiding without a care of who’s caught in the crossfire. When Shalom learns of one of Sayvion’s secrets, he realizes his bargaining chip has been at his disposal this entire time. Will this bring Sayvion out of hiding, or will it add fuel to the already brewing war on the streets?

Talya is fighting for her life and has lost hope. Although she can hear the people around her, she is mentally trapped in a place where she feels she has nothing left to fight for. After a week, a voice finally decides to speak to her, telling her she has to fight; that she is his world and he can’t make it on the outside without her. Determined she is going to pull through, she does just that. Although it takes a while for her to get herself back together, she does it with the help of Sha, Blockz, Shonday, and Tricia. But the anger she has in her will not dissipate, and despite Sha’s warnings of letting him handle things, she sets out on her own mission to destroy those who hurt her. Will she remain standing, or will it cost her, her life this time?

Blockz has been beside Talya’s side the entire time, feeling the guilt of the night that left her in a coma. In addition to that guilt, he has also been keeping a secret from Sha and Talya. Not knowing how to disclose the information she has been told, he is now faced with the task of trying to stop a war with someone who’s gunning for SBD due to Sayvion’s actions. Will he be able to cease fire in time, or will someone unwillingly end up making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives?

When it’s all said and done, lives will be lost, secrets will be revealed, friends will become enemies, and sides will be chosen. But one thing is for certain: a savage has returned, and he can’t be stopped!

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