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Ki’Asia Synese Barron was a spoiled princess, until the day her father, Shalom Barron, was sentenced to life in prison, leaving his empire to his children’s mother, Maureen. Once the first appeal is denied, Maureen gives up on any future with Shalom and moves on with her life. However, Ki’Asia is determined to hold her father down by any means. Hustling is in her blood, and she is the princess to a king, so it is only right she picks up where her father left off. Dominating the streets both illegally and legally, Ki’Asia rapidly makes a name for herself when she takes over the city of Charlotte.

Tyleek Ditmas, known on the streets as Firm, has had eyes for Ki’Asia since he set sight on her. Although she is unaware of who he is, he definitely knows all about her. His pursuit of her finally comes to an end when an opportunity for business lands right in his lap. The opportunity also connects him and Ki’Asia together on a deeper level.

The two become the most loved power couple in the streets, but with a certain level of success comes hate, and hatred is brewing in the hearts of those closest to them. Though the couple stays two steps ahead, someone is waiting in the shadows to dethrone them. Will they be able to rise above the challenges that they face, or will tragedy strike when it’s least expected?

Release Date

August 5, 2019


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